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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Open Water Swimmers

If you really want to touch that someone special over the holidays and treat them to something – or somewhere – special, WOWSA has prepared a 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

The great thing about open water swimmers is that they are appreciative and thoughtful, collaborative and compassionate.  They spend so much time in the water that when they are out on dryland, they have a rare sense of appreciation and gratitude.  

If you’re shopping for the open water swimmer in your life or buying something for yourself this season, here are some of the best holiday gift ideas for 2021.

Top Picks for the 2021 Holiday Season


Changing Robe

GoFor Cover

Struggling with changing before and after your swim or looking for a coverup to wear for your trip to the beach? GoFor Covers are a great option for any open water swimmer.

There are two products – the Cozy and the Quick. The Cozy is great for chilly swims and to reduce post-swim shivers as the bamboo cotton stretch fleece is soft and warm.

The Quick is perfect for those hot summer days with its fast drying wicking technical fabric with UPF50 protection. For those of you who have a favorite swim moniker or want to add a name or nickname, you can personalize your GoFor Cover as well.  They have sizes for both children and adults. 


Warm Jacket

Pro-Vis Long Sleeve Jacket

Ryde Robe – Pro-vis Long Sleeve Jacket For Watersports, Camping, Everyday And Van Life.

Ryde Ultra Drytech fabric has a durable water repellent coating and this combined with heat sealed taped seams means that you’ll stay dry, whatever the weather. 

Their jacket has Ryde Pro-Visibility fabric detailing, ensuring that this will be your go-to for all outdoor activities. It is woven with unique reflective yarns that make for an impressive safety feature.  



Safe Sea 

For confidence and safety in the sea.  Better to prevent jellyfish stings rather than treat them later.

Safe Sea is the first sunscreen that provides protection from jellyfish stings, mimicking the natural protection of the Clownfish (of finding NEMO fame), 

Safe Sea provides protection to swimmers from jellyfish stings. Safe Sea’s sunscreen is a world first and the only sunscreen which is certified 100% sea friendly and keeps coral safe.


Tow Float

The Swim Secure Tow Donut 

The Swim Secure Tow Donut is a highly visible tow float swim buoy with waist strap and an integrated dry bag pouch. The small dry bag sits in the centre of the donut, out of the water, and is perfect for small items such as car keys and phone.

The pouch can be opened on the water allowing you to access your drink, gels or phone so you can take that all important selfie!

Recommended for all open water swimmers who want a high visibility tow float with the added reassurance that their valuables are safe.



The Torpo T500 

Torpo is a next generation kickboard aimed at kicking practice to replace the traditional ‘flat’ kickboard. It has benefits to all the four main strokes and in fitness uses beyond just swim training.

The shape of Torpo primarily improves core strength and sideways body rotation in the freestyle stroke.

It also benefits back, butterfly and breast stroke by allowing kicking drills not possible with a traditional flat board.


Smart Goggle

The FINIS Smart Goggle, powered by Ciye™

These goggles contain a Smart Coach in-goggle digital display that shows swimmers their splits on every lap, lap count, total time, and its newest feature: keeping track of your stroke rate. 

Plus, the Smart Goggle records the details of your workout and automatically syncs to the Ciye™ app, allowing you to review a full, lap-by-lap breakdown of every swim and share with popular third party apps like Strava, Apple Health, and Goggles available in Smoke, Blue, and Blue Mirror.


Photochromic Goggles

Zone3 Vapour Googles

You won’t know how soft and comfortable these goggles are until you try them. Zone3 Vapour goggles ultra-soft silicone combines with a great fit making them the perfect goggle for open water or pool training sessions.

Described by Triathlete Magazine as incredibly comfortable and functional with super soft silicone gaskets and great visibility.  Large curved lenses give an excellent field of vision that allow you to carefully navigate your direction and spot other swimmers. If you are unlucky enough to get hit during a mass participation swim, the ultra-soft silicone gaskets cushions the blow, while minimizing pressure around your eyes and keeping you comfortable during long swims. Anti-fog protection gives crystal clear vision while the photochromic lenses automatically darken in bright conditions and remain clear in low-light conditions.  The flexible silicon frame of the goggles and easy adjust straps enable a good fit on a wide range of head and face sizes.  


Swim Cap

Hammer Head Swim Cap

HIT Honeycomb Impact Technology® is patented technology inside the swim cap that absorbs the shock of repetitive and accidental head strikes at mass starts and congested buoy turns.

Perfect for competition, Hammer Head caps’ dome silicone design guarantees a smooth, wrinkle-free experience with unmatched hydrodynamic efficiency.  It can be worn under your race cap. 

Made from a seamless, flexible, premium silicone, Hammer Head® caps are designed to be the most comfortable and durable cap you will ever wear.


Training Gear

Skin Protection

Ocean Grease & Lubricant

Ocean Grease offers a wide range of anti-chafing lubricants in various mixes to suit your tastes and the conditions of your swim. 

The lubricants are made from anhydrous lanolin (wool fat) and petroleum jelly and effectively reduce the uncomfortable rubbing on skin-on-skin or swimwear-on-skin. 

The easy online purchase option immediately solves the problem of finding anti-chafing lubricants in practical quantities and user-friendly packaging in the right mix for you.


Hand paddles

FINIS Floating Agility Paddles

FINIS Floating Agility Paddles are impressive strapless technique hand paddles for the beginner and Olympic swimmer.  The paddles come in four sizes to fit all size hands and can be used with all four swimming stroke. 

The paddles fit the natural contour of your hand and enables you to apply positive pressure throughout your arm stroke while helping build strength and providing instant stroke feedback. 

The paddles are impossible to lose in the open water due to its floating material and FINIS’ signature yellow plastic.


GPS Gear

Garmin Fenix 5x GPS Watch

Garmin Fēnix are ruggedized GPS wristwatches with mapping, music syncing from streaming services, intelligent pace planning, heart rate monitoring, pulse oximeter capabilities, statistics tracking, swimming apps, and a plethora of other capabilities embedded into the off-the-shelf models or ready to be downloaded. 

The smartwatch has multitudes of other functions for other dryland and in-water activities for those who love to cross train from running and cycling to yoga and Pilates. 


Pull Buoy

FINIS Axis Buoy

The FINIS Axis Buoy is an extremely useful, multi-functional, uniquely shaped, FINIS signature yellow pull buoy. 

It can immobilize your legs to help build your upper body strength by either holding your ankles in place (as did old-school rubber bands in the 20th century) or be placed between your upper thighs (as traditional pull buoys are). 

The smooth lightweight foam holds up to pool chemicals, does not chafe or irritate your skin, and can be used as a kickboard or even a comfortable head pillow during travel, competition.



Eira Ice Swimmer Bag

The Eira Ice Swimmer Bag is an excellent ecological choice for a waterproof backpack for all types of swimmers: pool, competitive racers, marathon, channel, stage, winter and ice swimmers. 

The neoprene design offers an extra large top opening and and individual compartments for dry and wet gear help separate your food and smartphones from your wet swimwear, goggles, and cap. 

It’s foldable padded mat is useful as are the large side pockets with frozen finger-proof zipper pullers for drinks, bottles, lanolin, and keys.



ORCA SW Smart Wetsuit

The ORCA SW Smart Wetsuit features Emerid, a universal identification system using NFC/Contactless technology that instantly provides your personal information in case of an accident or emergency. 

It also features a Restube-ready connector so you can attach the Restube buoy without a belt. 

The orange panels on the forearms and lower leg help make you easy to locate in the open water, the 4 mm thickness in the stomach area provides ample thermal insulation, and the elastic material around the shoulders increase flexibility.


Camps & Swim Vacations

Swim Camp

The Cork Distance Week sets the global standard for a highly intense, fully immersive open water swimming experience for the seriously minded channel or marathon swimmer.  The 9-day camp in Cork,Ireland is brutal and unforgiving.  Designed by International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison, it is designed to make swimmers understand their limitations – and then help them go beyond their expectations and achieve their potential.  Its alumni are among the most hardened and successful open water swimmers in the world. 

Swim Vacation (Islands)

The Big Blue Swim | Adventure Swimming Holidays offers week-long swim vacations around the beautiful Greek islands of Crete, Ithaca, Lefkada and Santorini in the Ionian Sea.  Swim along isolated beaches, uninhabited islands, scenic coastlines, and secret caves in clear turquoise water – and dolphins with island-to-island crossings and coastal routes, lunch stops at different fishing harbors, one-on-one coaching, comfortable accommodations, and escort support. 

Swim Vacation (Lakes)

Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays – Vacations offer swim vacations throughout Croatia, Greece, Mexico, Turkey, Montenegro, and Slovenia, but its 4-day Lake Powell canyon swimming tour is unique amid majestic geological formations in the America southwestern states of Utah and Arizona.  Swim canyoneering among towering cliffs of red rocks, breathtaking canyons, sandy beaches, and clear blue water.  Hiking and watch stunning sunsets and enjoy star-filled skies at night.


Food, Hydration, Supplements


AKUA Kelp Jerky

AKUA Kelp Jerky just seems like the optimal snack for open water swimmers.  Made from ocean-farmed kelp grown at a network of regenerative ocean farms in the American Northeast, the Jerky is healthy and tastes good. 

For the ecologically minded athlete, kelp farming is a zero-input crop that requires no fresh water, fertilizers, pesticides, feed, or arid land to grow while filtering carbon and nitrogen from the water.  Hungry?  Munch on the brown macroalgae with Vitamins A, B6, E, K as well as zinc, calcium, folate, potassium and iron.


Hot Chocolate

Equal Exchange Organic Dark Hot Chocolate

Equal Exchange Organic Dark Hot Chocolate may be on the pricey side, but after an intense ice swim, a vigorous winter swim, a long cold water workout, or a snowy day on the weekend, you can splurge by pouring hot milk over whole hot chocolate beans from Ecuador. 

The chocolate literally melts in your cup, emitting an aroma of pleasure. 

No powdered drink from Equal Exchange presents an extraordinary, unique experience of the highest quality.



Quinton Isotonic® Marine Plasma

Swimmers consume different kinds of hydration before, during, and after their swims. Quinton Isotonic® Marine Plasma is an isotonic solution of 78 organic ocean minerals, harvested from protected plankton blooms and diluted with alpine spring water with the same salt concentration as human cells and blood. 

The ampoules of seawater is mixed with purified water and processed as René Quinton prescribed in 1897. 

Easily absorbed into the body, Quinton is ideal for fast-acting hydration and mineral replenishment.



VITALITYbits® Spirulina/Chlorella

VITALITYbits® Spirulina/Chlorella are 50% chlorella and 50% spirulina algae in easy-to-swallow, simple tablets.  The nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, high-protein, plant-based 100% natural tablets are without chemicals, caffeine or sugar. 

Strengthen your immune system with ocean chlorophyll and 40 vitamins and minerals from one simple product: marine algae. 

Swallow the tablets or add to smoothies or chew with fruit or nuts as replacement for supplements, vegetables, protein or snacks without the mess of cooking or cleaning.  


Swims, Crossings & Racing 


Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak is the pioneer and remains the gold standard in the folding marine vessel market with five different models, sizes and price ranges. 

Easy to store, quick to assemble and disassemble, convenient to use and re-use in all kinds of environments, the utility of the Oru Kayak is well worth the investment for those who enjoy spending time in and on the water. 

Monthly payment plans also make the investment easy on the wallet.  



Origami Paddler

For the globe-trotting swimmer, coach or parent, for the open water swimmer who does long swims, or for the adventurer ventures far from shore with an escort, the Origami Paddler is convenient and compact as it literally folds up. 

The world’s first folding paddleboard, it is easy to store, easy to carry, easy to assemble, quick to disassemble, and easy to use for the beginner and appreciated by the veteran stand-up paddleboarder.


Shark Deterrent System


Sharkbanz brings a sense of security and safety to ocean swimmers when apex predators may come around. 

The Sharkbanz can be worn on your wrist or ankle or attached to your swimsuit or tow float. 

For swimmers, surfers, escort kayakers or paddleboarders who want to reduce the risk of a shark attack or shark encounter, the Sharkbanz technology is effective and proven, providing a simple and low-cost shark deterrent to give you and your loved ones a peace of mind.


Water Shoes

KEEN Newport H2 Water Shoes

KEEN Newport H2 Water Shoes are great for walking along the shoreline, staying up all night on a channel crossing, boating, and cruising around in warm weather. 

Get your feet wet and keep going in style and in total comfort. 

The sandals are sleek and easy to navigate while walking in the sand or on a rocky seashore.  They are lightweight and easy and quick to dry so you can easily slip them in your backpack and with your gear while you remain on the go.


Dryland Gifts


Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine is the pioneer and leading open water swimming publication that presents a global perspective of the athletes, trends, products, mass participation events, and international races of the sport and all its niche disciplines from ice swimming and stage swimming to professional marathon swimming and channel swimming. 

For open water swimmers written and published by veteran open water swimmers.


Board Shorts

Billabong Custom Board Shorts

Billabong Custom Board Shorts brings your personality out when you are out swimming, surfing, beach going, or bumming around in the sun. 

The board shorts from the global surf brand presents an opportunity for you to create and wear something that uniquely fits your personality and outdoor activities. 

Choose from a variety of colors, prints, and patches with custom embroidery and enjoy your hand-made beach apparel for friends to compliment and envy.


Dryland Training Equipme


KAATSU C3 has revolutionized athletic performance training, rehabilitation and recovery in the U.S. military forces, professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, university athletic departments and was used by hundreds of athletes and medalists at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Small, compact, and easy to use for improving strength, stamina and speed, it is also ideal to use for recovery anywhere anytime by anyone who trains intensely, performs at a high level, or travels across multiple time zones.

We hope this holiday shopping list is all you need for presents that will definitely delight the open water swimmer in your life!

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